Restaurant & Liqueur brewery SUDERSEE

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Restaurant Sudersee in Hindeloopen, is not liable for damage in connection with theft, misappropriation, damage, loss or loss of materials, equipment and other property that you have placed in our accommodation or that you have had it installed.


If damage is caused by your actions, you will be held liable for this. This includes all damage to the building, wall / wall decorations / paintings, images, lamps, etc. Any form of destruction or damage to Restaurant Sudersee's property by one or more guests is recovered from the client, the addressee of the reservation. If the use intended by the group entails an increased risk of damage, the manager may request a deposit that must be paid before the meeting in question.

Option right

If the Catering Establishment has granted the Customer (Option Holder) an option right via email, this right cannot be revoked, except if and insofar as another potential customer makes an Catering Establishment an offer to conclude a Catering Agreement in respect of all or part of the Catering Agreement. optionally outstanding catering services. The option holder must then be informed of this offer by the Catering Establishment, after which the option holder must indicate whether or not he wishes to make use of the option right. If the option holder does not indicate that he wishes to make use of the option right, the option right expires.


  • Social hygiene will always be central and will be adhered to. Any form of discrimination, drugs, sexual harassment or any form of intimacy will not be tolerated.
  • Beverage (alcohol) abuse will not be tolerated and may result in eviction of the property.
  • The staff is authorized to stop serving or serving alcoholic beverages if, in the opinion of the staff, their behavior causes or may cause a disruption of social hygiene and / or a violation of the house rules.
  • Minors are not served alcohol, even under the supervision of their parents. Identification is mandatory in case of doubt with the staff.
  • Only the designated staff member of Restaurant Sudersee is the point of contact for possible complaints or uncertainties.
  • The safety of the guests is maintained by the staff at all times.
  • Restaurant Sudersee is not liable for the loss or damage of the property of the guests
  • In the event of abuse of the above points as far as it does not apply to an individual but to a larger group, it may be that the party is stopped in its entirety if the host / hostess fails to address the party to his or her behaviors.

After termination of the occasion and / or closure of Restaurant Sudersee, it is expected of the persons in question that one does not stop at the entrance and exit and the adjacent grounds outside. This is due to the noise nuisance that it could possibly cause for local residents.


All mentioned prices are subject to price changes due to VAT or own changes. Type and printing errors can occur and therefore no claim can be made