Restaurant Sudersee


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Restaurant Sudersee is located in the center of Hindeloopen, next to the 16th century church and the old courthouse. For centuries there has been a catering company at our location.
Enjoy meat, fish and stories!

Sun terrace
Unique location

Liqueur Brewery!

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Yes indeed, there is also a liqueur brewery in the Sudersee restaurant. A hobby that got out of hand. The idea arose from the earlier relationship between the Hindeloopers and the Vikings. These Normans used to make liqueur from honey. Partly. This story intrigued us and Piet Bakker went into the making of this Viking drink. Following this special fermentation process, he also started to focus on idiosyncratic liqueurs with names such as Voddenwijfje and Landlopertje. He then made even more idiosyncratic liqueurs based on forgotten fruits such as Quince and Medlar. Come and taste them or order in our webshop.

Fresh and honest

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From the kitchen delicious dishes are served with fish as main part because the owner of the restaurant also has a fish buying company.

This ensures supplies of super-fresh fish. Also in all other products, such as coffee and meat dishes, restaurant Sudersee dares to stand out.

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Rich history

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Restaurant Sudersee and Hindeloopen have a rich history. We can write pages about this, but to really taste the atmosphere, we cordially invite you to our restaurant in Hindeloopen.

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You are also welcome in our restaurant for:
Theme parties
• Fully catered cultural and sporting day trips
Diners up to 150 pers. with, among other things, extraordinary fish specialties
• Have a nice drink on the beautiful terrace or in the cozy café
• Superb upstairs room for groups up to 30 people
• Dinner stop for excursions (incentives).

What our guests think

Top Restaurant, delicious dishes, super service. Welcoming and cozy.
Frits Brattinga