Restaurant Sudersee


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Restaurant Sudersee. Cozy with two or with the family!
But our restaurant is also ideal for groups. Cultural and sporting themes can be integrated into a wonderful day in Hindeloopen. With a nice lunch, coffee and cake or a delicious dinner!

▼ Friesland Farmland

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For the 'Friesland Boerenland' bus arrangement, the hitchhiking farmer is a unique phenomenon where a guide dressed as a farmer in the woods of Gaasterland can be hitchhiked along the side of the road. "Coincidentally" a coach comes along and of course the driver is willing to take her along in exchange for an explanation of the environment and Frisian habits. And let that farmer's wife happen to have a wonderful story and also want to drive along to restaurant Sudersee, where she always buys delicious Frisian sugar bread.

▼ Culture

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The theme 'Culture' with Hindelooper costume shows, Hindelooper painting demonstrations and visits to museums, accompanied by a guide who explains everything about the special town of Hindeloopen.

▼ Miraculous fishing

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One of our bus packages, 'The Miraculous Fishing', is a complete day trip where the guests get an extraordinary impression of Friesland and Hindeloopen in particular.

▼ Family and groups

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Restaurant Sudersee is not only very cozy to eat out with the two of us or with the family, our restaurant is also very suitable for groups. Both cultural and sporting themes can be integrated into a delicious day in Hindeloopen and a delicious lunch, coffee and cake or a delicious dinner.

For groups of 10 to 150 people, we have attractive departments, where beautiful themes can also be combined for these large groups.

▼ Sporty

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For sportier groups, puzzle tours, cycling, canoeing, archery, bungy rowing etc. are also organized. Where, for example, you combine this activity with a beer tasting.

What our guests think

A hidden gem in the beautiful town of Hindeloopen. Delicious food. Highly recommended is the fishvaria (so fresh!) And the homemade fries. Red coleslaw remains a favorite. Feast! Friendliness of the staff deserves to be mentioned here. And ... of course the view of one of the Elfstedentocht fountains from the flowery terrace.
Teresa van den Bergh

Opening hours

March to October:
  • Mondays closed
  • Tuesdays from 10.00
  • Wednesdays from 10.00
  • Thursdays from 10.00
  • Fridays from 10.00
  • Saturdays from 10.00
  • Sundays from 12.00.
November to February:
  • Open by appointment for groups.